Student Apps

Apps To Help Your Student Loan Last As Long As Possible

Students are in a uniquely challenging situation when it comes to finances. Living off a student loan means you’re forced to budget carefully from month to month, and this often puts a strain on your finances. You’ve heard how important it is to budget carefully, but there are plenty of apps out there that can make your life a lot easier.

Payment apps

One of the easiest ways to overspend is to lose track of exactly how much you’re spending. This is particularly true when so many transactions are carried out by contactless payment, requiring nothing more than a tap. Get a better sense of how much you’re spending by downloading an app like Revolut. This can connect directly to your bank account, so you can still gain the benefits that some banks offer to students. Revolut’s app lets you track exactly what you spend and where. It can be revealing to find out just how much you spend on entertainment every month!

Free food from local businesses

Every day, tons of food is simply thrown in the bin by cafes and restaurants that can’t sell it. There’s nothing wrong with it, of course; it just didn’t sell. You can get your hands on this food before it gets chucked away by downloading the “Too Good To Go” app. This lets you pay for bags of food from local businesses at a steeply discounted rate (usually £2-4). As long as you’re not fussy about exactly what you get, you could end up with some amazing food at a tiny fraction of its usual cost.

Get around with carpool apps

Few students can afford the expense of keeping a car, but there are times when public transport just won’t cut it. Get where you need to go quickly by hitching a lift with apps like “BlaBlaCar”. These let you punch in your destination, and you’ll see a list of people headed that way. They’ll list their prices, and if you’re happy to pay you simply meet up and get going. This can be a cheap and easy way to get around the country.

Cut down on train fares

If you do need to get a train, then you can almost certainly save money by “split ticketing”. On long journeys, it’s often cheaper to buy individual tickets for each leg of the journey than to buy a single direct ticket. This can be a hassle, but with the “TrainSplit” app it’s no bother at all. Simply enter in the journey you want to make, and the app will present your options. It’s not uncommon to save 20% off the cost of travel, and this can be combined with a Railcard to save even more.

Make your student loan last longer

These apps are all excellent ways to cut a few quid off your daily spending. Whether it’s realising how much you really spend on coffee, or saving £20 on your Christmas trip back home, these are all excellent apps for getting the most out of your student loan.