Compare Energy Prices to Save Money

At this time of year, there are thousands of young people making that huge step and leaving home for the first time, these are students heading off to university and embarking on one of the biggest adventures of their lives. While some students choose to study at a Uni nearby so that they can still live at home, the majority see a major part of the whole university experience as living with digs with other students.

Sharing a house or flat with others is a big part of Uni life, and while the big thing is that you are independent for the first time in your life, you are also now also responsible for paying those bills that had previously been taken care of by your parents. The largest of these will be the energy bills, and while it is easy not to think about this kind of thing, you will certainly have to when the bills drop through the door.

You should be aware of who your current supplier is as there will be a letter to ‘the occupier’ after the last lot of students moved out. Alternatively, you could just be replacing someone in the household, so if the others have been there a while they should also know who your supplier is. If there are both gas and electric appliances you may be with two separate companies, which invariably means that you will be paying more.

This is something that should have been sorted earlier, but if it hasn’t, sit down with your housemates and find out exactly how much the bills are and then have a look online at the comparison sites to see if you can get a cheaper deal. Unless your parents are loaded, every penny counts when you are student, and this house could have been with the same supplier for years and never queried the tariff.

By using one of the online comparison sites you can easily see what savings you can be making by switching suppliers. It will only take a few minutes to do, and could save you enough money to get a few more beers and takeaways. If you, like, many students, pay a set amount that includes bills, speak to the bill payer. Ask them about the current supplier and if it’s ok to have a look and compare energy prices.

It may well be that they have considered the same thing themselves, but on the other they could have inherited the supplier from the previous bill payer and have never even thought about it. Don’t be surprised to see that your supplier has much cheaper tariffs than you are already paying, if this is the case ask the bill payer to give them a ring and tell them you have seen lower tariffs elsewhere and are thinking of switching,

It’s amazing the deals that energy giants come up with if you mention you are thinking of leaving, and you may end up with a great deal without even switching.