Graduate Job Search

If you are leaving full time education as a graduate, it can be a daunting task when seeking to secure employment in your chosen profession as opposed to the little part time jobs you have taken to supplement your income while still a student. While you will no doubt have had some great advice from your tutors and student careers advisers, it can be scary when you are actually out there in the graduate jobs market and actively seeking employment.

One of the first steps is checking out the graduate vacancies on the online websites. These have easy to use search algorithms where you can input job titles, locations etc and it brings up a list of the vacancies that meet your criteria, for example accountancy jobs. Have an up to date CV ready to send along with your application as the longer you leave it the further back in the queue your application will be and it may not be even looked at.

Recruitment consultants are good for giving impartial advice, as they deal with many different employers and can give you the best advice as to what the real employment situation is in your chosen field. The sad fact is that due to the current economy more and more are finding that they are having to take a job they are capable of doing, but isn’t their first choice due to a lack of vacancies in this field.

In an ideal world, everyone would graduate from Uni and step straight into their dream job, but reality can often be harsh. Don’t be disheartened and give up at the first hurdle however, get yourself known to prospective employers. If, for example, you are seeking employment in the field of accountancy, send a professional letter and your CV to all the accountants within a realistic travelling distance.

Despite the doom and gloom regarding unemployment figures, there are jobs out there and by putting as many irons in the fire so to speak you are greatly increasing your chances of being one of the lucky ones and landing a job in your chosen profession. By being on the ball and registering for email alerts on the job sites you will be amongst the first to find out about new vacancies, and the quicker you apply the better.