Holiday Money Planning

When the time comes to prepare for our holidays, we spend plenty of time flapping around making sure we have sunglasses, flip flops, vouchers, sun cream etc. but many give no forethought to their spending money. Considering this is a major part of your holiday, it’s surprising just how many of us put so little thought into it. Considering how much we can get ripped off before we even leave the country, a little planning makes a lot of sense.

Capital One have picked up on this and have launched a campaign aimed particularly at travellers and giving them hints and tips on how to save money while on their travels. They have videos on their websites for anyone to view which get the points across in a light hearted manner.

Their first tip is to always use cash to purchase your currency, and to do in the high street not at the airport. This saves you money in two ways; there will be no fee on your card for buying the currency and you will get a much better exchange rate. Another biggie to always inform your credit card company that you are going away Tell them where you are going, when, an also make sure they have an up to date contact number.

Check that the card you are intending to take with you is one intended for use abroad, this way you will save yourself a bundle of fees and charges. Foreign cash machines are another minefield as far as charges are concerned; you will get charged for every single withdrawal, so plan them carefully. One or two large ones will save you a lot of money on your next statement.

The sole of aim of the campaign is to make us aware of the different ways that we can get ripped off while on holiday, and the tips are all to help us become more savvy travellers as far as our money is concerned.