Home Insurance for Students

With students today owning more expensive equipment than ever before, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that one in three becomes the victim of crime every year. Students are an ideal target for robberies as they have all the latest gadgets and are usually in rented accommodation which may not have the best security measures. The average student will have a laptop, maybe a flat screen TV with DVD player in their room and will carry their mobile phone and MP3 player around with them everywhere.  Such items are easily portable for would-be burglars and street robbers to target. So the question is, how can a student ensure that their possessions stay safe from harm?

The answer is simple, get insured.  Whether they live in a Hall of Residence or in landlord-owned accommodation, it’s easy to seek quotes for Student Insurance on personal possessions and any possible liabilities in the event of mishap.

Student insurance is not expensive, especially when you consider the actual value of all of their personal possessions.   Students typically take around £3,500 worth of computer, entertainment and sports equipment and expensive course books to university.  A recent survey has found that one in three students has no insurance in place for their belongings yet 14% of students have had their homes burgled while at university and a further 1 in 3 students have been the victim of some other form of crime. That’s why getting a student home insurance quote can prove so valuable.

There are ways to help deter thieves including marking all expensive items such as laptops and mobile phones with their student ID number and the name of their university and keep details of the make, model and serial numbers too. This will not only help police track any stolen goods but seeing a name on a laptop, for instance, could deter a thief as it will make it harder for them to sell the item on to anyone. Taking some common sense safety steps such as having locks on the windows, bedroom doors and a burglar alarm may well reduce the insurance premium. However, as good as your intentions maybe, there are always others out there who are determined to make a quick buck at your expense.

It is worth noting that halls of residence do not include insurance cover for the contents of study bedrooms, so students have to make provision for this.

If you are a parent and have a son or daughter at university who is reluctant to part with the cash to take out their own insurance policy, one way to persuade them is to get them to add up the cost of all their possessions. Then ask them to think about how hard it would be to replace everything should the worst happen, this should soon change their mind!