How To Save On Your Car Insurance

Motoring is by no means an expense that the majority of people can really afford, but for some it has become a necessity. For those that work in inaccessible areas, having a vehicle that can get them there is certainly going to be a priority. Of course, one of the main expenses when it comes to motoring is car insurance, rather than fuel and repairs. Here are some great tips to cut your car insurance to try and ensure that it hits a value that is affordable rather than one that is making an individual struggle financially.

What’s Your Car?

The first thing to consider is the type of car to be insured. It goes without saying that cars that have a high value are likely to cost more to insure than those with a much lower value. Alongside this, the insurance group the vehicle is in will make a big difference. The insurance group will be determined by a mixture of things, including the profile of drivers that drive the car, top speed, power, engine size and weight. Therefore, a fast car like a Porsche 911 is going to be a lot higher insurance group than a vehicle such as a 1.0L Vauxhall Corsa.

Who Are You?

Alongside the type of car, the driver should consider how their driver profile comes across to insurers and how they can improve it. Insurers will look on things such as a no claims bonus, years driving experience and a pass plus scheme as something that will make a driver better than another. Trying to increase the quality of an overall driver profile will help to make insurance much more affordable. In fact, passing a pass plus test will decrease the cost of most policies by around 15%, which can make a huge difference, especially for younger drivers.

Where Do You Fit In?

Another thing to keep in mind that many drivers don’t consider is that insurers tend to work in specific sectors of the industry. For instance, one insurer might focus their energy on older drivers, where as others might focus all of their energy on younger drivers. Classic cars, drivers with points and other scenarios are all things that certain insurers will specialise in. By choosing the right insurer in this respect, drivers will be much more likely to get a great deal on their car insurance, rather than paying well over the odds.

Compare And Contrast

Car insurance comparison websites are possibly the best way to get the best deal as quickly as possible. The majority of car insurance comparison websites will offer drivers the ability to compare over 100 quotes at one time as well as determining what the quote actually includes, which is obviously something that can help to save a lot of time and money. Different car insurance comparison websites will have different insurers on their database, so it is worth using a few different websites before actually buying another policy.

If you follow these simple steps and shop around before signing up, you will find a great deal on car insurance and potentially save a lot of money.

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