How to Write a Review

If you’re currently on a journalism or media course at college or university, there’s a very strong likelihood that you’ll be asked to write a review of some kind. You might be asked by your tutor to write a review of a book, TV show or a film, live music show or even something more leftfield like a restaurant review. Much like custom essay writing, it takes great skill to write a good review, but there are a few things you can do in order to get it up to scratch.

Imagine that you’re writing a review of a book you’ve never read before and, panicking, you may want to go to an essay writing service UK students who are pressed for time go to for help. Also, you might want to start reading the book straight away. However, before diving into the inside pages, you might want to read the cover, especially the blurb on the back to get an idea of what the story is about and what genre the book falls into.

Then, you should flip through the pages to see what they layout is like and then, if you’ve made a decision on whether to go to an essay writing service like Bestcustomessay for assistance, you can start to read. It’s important that you pay attention to every single word, paragraph and chapter, as any lapse in concentration could impair your ability to write a review.

As for the review itself, explain what you thought of it, how it affected you, talk about each character, their relationships with one another and their relevance to the story, and also, you should mention whether the plot made sense. At the end of your review, sum up the story, and feel free to let the reader know what you think of it. Once you’ve finished, check to see whether you’ve included every major detail, and if not, go back and mention it. You could apply most of this to reviewing any other kind of media including music, film and TV.