Optional Extras on Young Drivers Insurance

Lots of young drivers choose to take out the cheapest insurance policy, but this may not provide them with the level of cover they actually want or need.

With many young drivers’ car insurance policies, there may be a level of basic cover, but with a number of optional extras. Not every young driver will place importance on the same things, but the optional cover for the things mentioned below could prove invaluable.

Breakdown cover

Typically, insurance quotes for young drivers won’t come with breakdown cover as standard. Given the cost of buying a reliable car, many new drivers choose older vehicles which are more prone to breakdowns.

If you’re planning to use your vehicle for longer journeys i.e. travelling to/from University to home, taking out optional breakdown cover on your young drivers insurance could prove useful.

Gadget cover

In this digital age, more and more young drivers have electronic gadgets in their cars. If you take your mobile phone, laptop or MP3 player in your car, you might want this extra cover.

It doesn’t cover you if you leave your car with something lying out for potential thieves to see. However, if something is stolen from your glove box for example, you will be able to make a claim for its value.

Key cover

Modern cars are more secure than ever so it could be worthwhile having key cover on your young drivers’ car insurance policy.

If you lose a key or it’s stolen, the costs can be considerable, especially if you have a programmable fob, rather than an old fashioned key.

Of course it’s not just young drivers who are prone to losing car keys, it can happen to anyone. Some key cover polices also include car hire costs if you have to wait a few days for your car to be usable again.

Legal Expenses

For a small additional cost, having legal expenses cover on your young drivers’ insurance can give you peace of mind.

If you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and want to make a claim for expenses against the other party involved, legal expenses cover can help.

For example, if you are badly injured in an accident and have ongoing medical bills or/and have suffered a loss of earnings, having legal expenses cover on your young driver policy could help you make a claim. After all, why should you suffer if you’ve been hurt in a road accident that was someone else’s fault?

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