Sheila's Wheels car insurance

Surprisingly around 60% of the drivers in the UK are women, which is why Sheilas’ wheels car insurance focuses on specialising in drivers insurance specifically for female drivers.  Shielas’ is a part of Esure, which is one of the largest, and growing insurance providers in the UK, with a motto that claims that Sheilas’ provides insurance for superstar ladies.

Outside of offering insurance for female drivers, Sheilas wheels car insurance focuses on features that are designed for their needs, including female friendly repairers in the event of a breakdown, along with a free courtesy car and a confidential helpline for counselling available 24 hours a day whenever a client needs it.

Sheilas’ car insurance offer goes well beyond the standard insurance for female drivers however, as it also offers personalized and tailored £300 coverage for a handbag or the contents of a handbag, which most female drivers have in their possession while in the car.

While offering these perks, the insurance deals are at much lower rates for women through Sheilas’ wheels car insurance since the company recognizes that statistically women are safer drivers than men, since they tend to take fewer risks.  As a result, women are also lower risk to insure which means a break on the insurance policy costs.

As part of their standard coverage, also included in any insurance policy is access to UK based call centres around the clock.  Given that an accident can occur any time of day and during the weekend or holiday, Shielas’ is always available for aid with a representative that speaks the same language and understands UK women’s specific needs.

Also included in the standard coverage package is a 70% no claims bonus to reward safe women drivers who have not had to make a claim for a five year period.  For each passing year after choosing Sheilas’ that a driver does not make a claim the bonus increases by one percent.

Those seeking more coverage can choose to purchase optional extras from the policy as well, such as motoring legal assistance cover and breakdown cover from subsidiary Green Flag.  With these extras drivers can rest assured that every possible need is anticipated and covered from the moment they step into the car.  As with any optional extra however, there is a small extra cost although they also provide extra piece of mind.

Women that are married can still choose to use Sheilas’ wheels car insurance with the option to add their partner or spouse onto the policy at any time.  Those who are interested in the coverage can obtain a no obligation quote from the insurance company at any time just by visiting the company website at  For a female driver looking for excellent coverage,well worth a look.