Student Employment

Whatever age you are coming out of education and seeking employment for the first time, it can be daunting finding the kind of job that suits your qualifications, experience etc. There are also those jobs that you will be seeking just to make some extra money as well as studying in 6th form or University, and finding something that fits in with the hours you are studying.

These kinds of jobs may seem impossible to find, but they are there if you look in the right places. Whereas at one time the jobcentre ruled supreme as far as any kind of job search was concerned, the internet has taken over with the numerous job sites, as well as major companies having their own websites which invariably have their own recruitment sections.

Before you start logging onto every site going, sit down and think about the kind of job you are looking for, what qualifications if any you need for this job and also the hours you are looking for. If you are a student, you will more than likely be looking for something part time and is the kind of job where you can go, do your job, come home and forget about it until your next shift.

Supermarkets, fast food outlets and call centres are all popular environment options for this kind of employment. Supermarkets and restaurants, Sainsbury’s jobs are particularly popular. If the chain is nationwide, will have their own websites where any recruitment or vacant positions will be listed. Make sure you have an up to date and professional looking CV already saved on your laptop or other device so if you find a vacancy that suits your criteria you can upload it immediately at the application stage.

Call centre vacancies and or teaching assistant jobs are advertised in many different places so it may take a little longer to find a vacancy to suit your needs. It’s always a good idea to register on one of the many job sites dedicated to students, but don’t just sit back and wait for the offers to come in, you will still need to actively search as many jobs are advertised through agencies.

If you live in a city or near an out of town retail park, it can do no harm to print off a load of C.V’s and go around the shops etc asking if they have any vacancies and handing in your CV. Many managers still prefer this personal approach, and the more options you have open the more likely you are to find a job that suits you and doesn’t interfere at all with your studies. Ultimately the best option is a specialised online recruitment site where you can find all the vacancies that are available all in one place.