Student Flatshare

Most students either need to live away from home in student halls or a flatshare after all living at home and being a student are not always a good mix.

The cost of living away from home can vary a lot depending on whether you’re lucky enough to get into student halls or whether you end up renting your own place.

From a financial point of view and a social aspect flatshare can be the best of both worlds, living in a student flatshare can be relatively inexpensive and gives you the freedom to choose where you live in relation to university and the nightlife.

As with everything in live you need to make sure you are aware of the possible financial pitfalls and also the most cost effective way to moving and living in a flatshare.

Looking for the flatshare can be done for free, moving can also be done for free or very limited funds if you have good friends to help you move.  Living the flatshare will cost you,  but you need to make sure you are aware upfront what all of the costs are and when they are due.  This will help prevent nasty shocks once you have moved in and it’s too late to change things.

Looking for a flatshare

When looking for a flatshare, there are many places you can look for free

Local papers (but you have to live locally when looking and the information in the paper is limited)
Directory sites (lots of info, FREE, but you have to trawl through loads of adverts)
Flatshare sites (this is probably the most cost effective as you can use for free, and find somewhere to live quick if they have a good profile matching system)

Flatshare costs

These will include both your moving costs and obviously your living costs.

Moving to the flatshare:

Cost of renting a van – or skip this and get some friends and their cars to help you shift stuff over in exchange for a nice cold drink.
Packing boxes etc – you can buy boxes, or you can ask local supermarkets to keep decent size boxes for you to use.

Flatshare Living costs

When finding a flatshare make sure you find up front what the costs are:

Rent –

When is it due?  Weekly or monthly?
Do you need to pay a deposit (if so how much is it)
Are bills included in the rent? – If so which bills.

Bills –

What bills are not included in the rent?
When are the bills due to be paid?
How are the bills split between people living in the house.
How is the phone bill / internet paid for (what happens if you don’t use the phone, do you still need to pay?)

This all might sound obvious, but if you don’t ask and you’re not aware of all of your financial commitments in the flatshare then you could get a nasty surprise a few months down the line.