The Lloyds TSB Enterprise Awards 2013

Young entrepreneurs with great business ideas need all the help they can get in these tough times, and one of the most exciting ways that they can secure vital funding towards the growth of their business is now taking entries. Up until the 31st January 2013 you can register your entry for the latest Lloyds Tsb Enterprise Awards, a prestigious scheme that really can mean the difference between business success and failure.

There are many who have so far benefited from being named best start up in past awards, and we get a chance to meet some of these in the new video that has been released to promote this year’s awards scheme. We see how money was invested in start up companies that are now hugely successful in these difficult times, as well as getting to meet some of the people behind the awards and the work they put into it.

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For the 2013 awards the message is simple; Lloyds Tsb want to give the future stars of business a chance to shine now, and the first step is by reading all the relevant information and entry criteria on the link found at the end of the video, which is the awards website, and getting your entry in there. There are several regional heat prizes and the first prize is £50,000 of valuable funding no start-up can afford to turn down.

Business advice and mentoring all come as part of the deal, as well as networking and promotional opportunities. If you feel that your business is good enough to take one of the prizes, and you fit the criteria, then get your entry in now and keep your fingers crossed that your ingenuity and business acumen is recognised and you are in with a shot of the top prize.