The NUS Card

What is an NUS card?

National Union of Students (NUS) are the leaders in student discounts, and their extra card, which is the UK’s #1 student discount card, gives you more than 200 UK student discounts. It also comes with 1-year free International Student Identity Card (ISIC), with this you can have access to over 42,000 discounts internationally.

Depending on how much you love a discount, NUS extra has various options for you to choose between. They provide a years-worth of discounts for just £12, or if you love a bargain they offer a 2-year card for £22, or if you can’t turn down the savings then they also offer a 3-year card for only £32. A lot of these discounts can be found online so you really need an NUS extra card.

Why should you get one?

I think the main reason you should pick up an NUS card is for those sweet, sweet discounts. For a small fee, it’s worth it for all the money you could save. NUS work very hard to ensure students across the country get the best deals possible, with all revenue produced being put straight back into key student initiatives across various Student Unions around the country.

The ISIC is a huge benefit for travelling students. If you’re thinking you fancy some time studying abroad then the ISIC provides you with an additional 42,000 discounts, that’s pretty good if you ask me. The card is accepted in more than 130 countries around the world and although most major cities will take your regular university ID for discounts, it makes it easier having an internationally recognised student card because at least then you’re completely covered.

Not only are you helping yourself out with the money you save, but quite a lot of smaller businesses around your university town or area are eager to get more student custom. If you were to question them on whether they offer student discount it could make them to think about the revenue they could generate with your custom. Saving yourself money and helping small businesses, just some of the benefits from having an NUS card.

Where can I get discounts?

So many discounts, where to start…Thrill seekers rejoice as the NUS extra card gives you discounts at Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Fancy a chilled night out at the cinema with a bit of food? 25% off ticket prices at ODEON, followed by a number of discounts at your favourite restaurants including; Zizzi’s, Prezzo, Pizza Express, Frankie and Benny’s, Chiquito, Pizza Hut Restaurants, ASK Italian and many more. Discounts off Spotify, Amazon Prime, Vison Express, Co-op, WHSmith’s, the list goes on.

Planning on going travelling or studying abroad then you can save money on worldwide flights, including STA Travel. You’ve saved money on getting there, now save money on living with discounted rates at hotels and hostels around the world.

Overall, securing yourself an NUS card is brilliant when you want to save those pennies. Word of advice, make sure you are likely to use the discounts the NUS Extra card provides you before splashing out the £12, £22 or £32 for a card. Also, if you’re on the hunt for discounts make sure you ask the shops if they do student discount, just because they don’t advertise it in the window doesn’t mean they aren’t happy to give them out.