Vocational Qualifications at Leeds Trinity

Not everyone is suited to the traditional academic method of higher education. Many people adapt better with a more vocational qualification, a degree primarily based around practical and physical work.

This differs from traditional degrees by providing relevant experience in your chosen sector, meaning that, not only do you have a qualification that proves your knowledge, but you also have practical experience to start you off in your chosen industry.

Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity is a University College that provides an extensive range of courses and degrees. This range of options extends to its vocational courses too, providing potential students with a wealth of options.

With such a wide range of courses, the University also has an exciting campus life where you can meet different people from diverse backgrounds. For more information, or if you want to see the campus up close, a University Open Day is a great idea and can help you understand why this University might be right for you.

Foundation degrees

A degree at foundation level will give you an understanding of your chosen area of study. You will also be awarded a degree upon completion.

Foundation degrees are similar to a Higher National Diploma in level, just below Bachelor degrees. However, the combination of experience and education from a foundation degree will allow you to either further your studies with a higher degree, or go straight into work in your field of expertise.

If you wish to further your studies, then there are a number of Professional Practice courses available. These will take an additional 2 years but will allow you to progress your education beyond a foundation level degree.

Furthermore, foundation degrees from Leeds Trinity University College focus on qualifications where practical experience is an important necessity. There is a choice of supporting learning courses and addressing special needs courses available, more information of which can be found in prospectuses.

Teacher training

Similar in approach to foundation degrees, teacher training courses help develop the next generation of teachers through a combination of learning and practical work experience. Leeds Trinity University College works in partnership with a vast range of local schools, ensuring that teaching students get a professional placement to gain vital teaching experience.

Teacher courses can vary depending on what you wish to teach and the University does what it can to enable trainee teachers the option to specialise in various subjects. There is also a further choice of PGCE courses for both primary and secondary schools.

Again, more information can be found online, detailing the range of courses and post-graduate degrees that the University can offer in teaching.

To summarise, Leeds Trinity University College offers a wide range of courses. More than just standard academic teaching, the University prides itself on its available options in more vocational courses. If you have the ambition and are considering taking on such a course, then Leeds Trinity could help you achieve your goals.